Winter Setup Update

Until the Spring Classics 2015 the Snowpark Kaunertal presents itself in its new winter dress. But the reduced setup for the winter months also offers enough possibilities for young and old to live out their freestyle skills. Happy Shred, see you in the park!

Winter Setup – We rebuild

Rider: Robert Butscher, Photo: Felix Georgii

From Wednesday, December 17th 2014, the Snowpark Kaunertal will go into its well-deserved wintersleep after an tubulant fall season full with action. But no worries: The freestyle fun at the Kaunertal Glacier is not over! In the upcoming winter month the snowpark presents itself in its little smaller winter setup until the Spring Classics 2015. In two different lines you can now find:

- 1 Easy Kicker
- 3 Medium Kicker
- 1 Pro Kicker
- Table Top Jump
- Rainbow Rail
- Industry Flatrail
- Industry Rainbow
- Flatbox
- Down Box
- Picknick Combo
- Wave Run

Last weekend of the fall season

The last weekend of the fall season 2014 in the Snowpark Kaunertal is just around the corner. On Monday, December 15th 2014, the snowpark will go in it’s well-deserved winter sleep with a smaller setup. But no worries, right on time for the Spring Classics in the middle of April 2015 the snowpark will be back in its full size.
We are looking forward for a cool last weekend of the fall- / pre-christmas-season with you. See you in the park!