Congratulations Lisa Zimmermann & Anna Gasser

We congratulate Lisa Zimmermann (GER) for the Gold Medal in Freeski Ladies Slopestyle at the FIS Ski & Snowboard World Championchips Kreischberg 2015! Last fall Lisa was also standing on top of the podium of the 29th KTO! Way to go Lisa!

But we also salute Anna Gasser (AUT) for her Silver Medal in Snowboard Slopestyle Ladies! You girls rock!

Snowpark Kaunertal Videos

As of today nearly every shredder films his tricks and puts together small edits, which then get lost in the endless expanses of the internet without even someone watching them, we want to help you to receive your deserved glory and honor.
Just post your edits and clips from the Snowpark Kaunertal on the Snowpark Kaunertal Facebook Page or tag them on Vimeo or YouTube with “Snowpark Kaunertal” and we will share them on Facebook and this site. Honor to whom honor is due.

Today we got a clip from Armin Hafele for you:

Kaunertal 2014 Armin Hafele from Armin Hafele on Vimeo.

BRTmedia x Kaunertal

BRTmedia x Kaunertal from BRTmedia | Kevin Koch on Vimeo.

Checkt diesen feinen Clip der BRTmedia Crew!

Maurice Rolka
Tim Eberle
Kilian Ries
Chri Koch
Kevin Koch

filmed by all the riders
edited by Kevin Koch / Christopher Koch

“Run Boy Run” by Woodkid